Retro Rewind Desk Tidy Pen Stand with Tape Dispenser

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Eject any boring desk accessories and replace them with this old-school Rewind Desk Tidy. It's shaped just like a retro cassette tape and is a great storage solution for up to 30 pens or pencils and small stationery items like paper clips, push pins, elastic bands or staples.

Instead of housing audio tape, this cassette shaped desk tidy will dispense sticky tape. When the roll of tape runs out it's really quick and easy to swap it out for a new roll. Pen Stand With a realistic shape and authentic details like a cassette label and cassette wheels, this retro desk tidy is a cool way to keep stationery organized in your home or office.


  • Cassette shaped desk tidy,
  • Sticky tape dispenser
  • Holds up to 30 pens or pencils
  • Storage for small stationery items, Authentic tape details
  • Dimensions: 168 x 58 x 111mm

Rewind the years with this cool, retro play on the cassette tape. Its highly functional too, with storage for pens, pencils & small stationery items as well as the ability to dispense sticky tape.

Makes a great gift for anyone who can still remember the joy of making compilation tapes for friends and future use!