Wine Aerator Breather Magic Decanter Essential with Filter, Bag and Cup

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BOX CONTENS --- 1 Magic Decanter + 1 Cup + 1 Filter + 1 Velvet Bag

SAY GOODBYE TO BREATHING --- With this Wine Aerator, you can open the bottle, pour and enjoy. The aerator fully oxygenates red wine to bring out the complex flavors and aromatic bouquets of whatever you're drinking. The aerator truly turns any red wine into a fine wine.

WINE BREATHING --- Wine Needs to Breathe, As Wine Breathes it opens up and releases its intended Aromas and Flavors. Now easily aerate and intensify the flavors of your favorite wines with this smart wine aerator insert and wine decanter set. There is a removable wine filter, which fits on the top of the spirit aerator. Simply place this wine enhancer on the neck of the wine decanter, pour your wine through the wine filter. The wine is oxygenated and expresses rich aroma.

NONTOXIC, DURABLE MATERIALS --- Made only from FDA-approved materials, this Wine Aerator won't contaminate your wine with toxins or impurities that can compromise your health or affect its taste. The aerator is even dishwasher safe for easy cleanup.

GREAT GIFT FOR WINE LOVERS --- Anyone who drinks red wine can benefit from this Wine Aerator. Give one for a holiday or special occasion, present one to the host or hostess beside a bottle of wine or take one along to the housewarming party. Perfect gift for your friends and family for any social occasions like Birthdays, Marriage Anniversary, Bachelorettes, Weddings, Diwali, Halloween, Christmas festivals.