Battery Changing Color Mug Cup

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Battery Changing Color Mug Cup

Charge Up your Lazy Mornings with this magical Battery Changing Colour Mug Cup. Make your Tea Coffee more stimulating with this magical Mug.  Now see the battery charging not only in phones but also in your mug. When you pour your "Garam Chai" into this cup, the battery icon  bar will slowly change from black to green as if the battery is fully charged. And as your garam chai turns "thoda thanda" , it will gradually change back to black.

Have fun and come up with novel ideas with our creatively designed cup. The exquisite workmanship and (the)skillful technology in this cup is bound to be appreciated.

Funny and interesting ceramic cup is a perfect gift for friends and family.

It especially suits best at your office desk. The changing colours of your battery cup might just stop your boss  to give some work which will last until your coffee is cold.

Sorryy!! did you miss your hot coffee while reading this? Alert yourself with  green signals of this cup before your coffee turns cold.