PackNBUY Crisscross Strap Grid Pad Electronics Cosmetics Tool Organizer

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Grid Pad Organizer

I still remember that embarrassing moment when someone asked me for a pen, and for another ten minutes I kept digging inside my bag for that 1 pen. That's when I decided to buy an organizer and guess what did I come across? - A Grid it organizer

Now tame your crazy bag with this grid it. The black mat in this tool organizer Crisscrossing Straps of Non-Slip Elastic hold all your smaller gadgets in reach. Just pull elastic up, slide your gadget, gizmo, or cord underneath, and let it snap back in place. Easy and convenient for people who travel with smart phone, iPods, pens, post its and most importantly, you’re charging cables.

Place and arrange however you want. Rest assured with this electronics organizer as the Grid its elastics will hold it down securely. You can also put in your cosmetics/toiletries in this cosmetics organizer.

Whether you are the most organized person in your family or the one who notoriously struggles with keeping everything in place and within reach, the Grid-It can help you keep it all together.

  • Material: Nylon
  • Dimensions:  21cm*31cm
  • Color: Black
  • A zipper pocket at the back