PACKNBUY Blackboard Wall Sticker Removable Vinyl Sticker Decal Use Home School Office College Room Kitchen Size (45 x 200 cm) Black Board

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Transform your walls into a chalkboard! Simple Convenient peel-and-stick chalkboard wall sticker. Apply on any smooth, dry surface, and start writing! Works on walls, wood, glass and more! Stick them to tables, cabinets, refrigerators, doors, etc. Safely write on with any standard chalk or chalk marker. Erasable and water-resistant and wipe clean with a dry or damp cloth. Be creative and have fun. Easy to apply, cut, reshape, re-position, and remove without any damage or residue. Durable design allows for the sheets to be reused, offering the interior walls of any kitchen, bedroom, classroom, dorm, restaurant, or office a low-cost and low-mess alternative to traditional blackboard paint. For kids: school, homework, art, drawing, Pictionary, studying. Teachers: teaching, tutoring. Home: decorate your rooms. Get creative and apply them to furniture, such as refrigerator, table, kitchen cabinets, etc. 
Use tips for Chalkboard Sticker
1.When receiving the blackboard sticker, please put it flat for 1 or 2 days. Two persons to apply the stickers are strongly recommended.
2.Take the measurements of the place you want to stick, and cut appropriate size to fit it.

3.Clean the surface before applying the stickers onto the wall.
4.As you're applying the sticker, peel off the backing paper from a corner, stick to desired surface, use a soft cloth to squeegee out air bubble.
5.Do not touch sticky side by hand or dirty it. You can use regular chalk standard liquid chalk ink or mark pen to write.
6.The chalk on the board is best to be wiped off by a damp cleaning cloth, and please write when board is dry.
Package: 1 x Roll of Blackboard Sticker (79’’ X 18’’) + 5 x regular chalks (2 X white, 1 X blue, 1 X red and 1 X yellow)