PACKNBUY Office Desk Organizer Keyboard Stationary Set Black

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This PackNBUY Keyboard Stationery Set is a practical yet stylish addition to any work area, freeing up space and reducing clutter.
A stapler, paper clip dispenser, hole punch and keyboard brush are cleverly incorporated into the keyboard shaped organiser, making your desktop neat and tidy, ensuring you can easily locate your stationary when you need it.
This is a novel eye-catching addition to the work place and makes an excellent functional gift for both those who like everything in its place and the more disorganized amongst us.


  • Looks like a mini keyboard
  • Keycaps that cleverly conceal the items - paperclip dispenser, hole-punch, stapler and a little keyboard brush
  • A great way to keep your stationery tidy and fit it in with your desk at the office or at home


  • Includes 1 x paper hole punch, 1 x stapler, 1 x keyboard cleaning brush, 1 x paper clip dispenser
  • Size: 78mm x 50mm x 175mm

This is a stationery set that doesn't look like a stationery set. In fact it actually looks like a mini keyboard more than a stationery set. Within the hollow-looking keycaps that cleverly conceal the items within are namely a paperclip dispenser, hole-punch, stapler and a nifty little keyboard brush that helps to keep a real computer keyboard clean.

This is also the ideal gift for anyone you know that “does something with computers but I’m not sure what it is exactly”