Junior Autobot Transformers Cufflink

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Junior Autobot Transformers Cufflinks


The imprint of those 'Heroic Autobots' urged you to some good for your planet Earth and now you too want to say, "Until that day.. till all are one."

Don't worry if you are not the Autobot robot to save your planet, you can still feel all the spark and pride when you wear these junior Autobot transformers cufflinks.

Next time when you go to office, show your geek side when you wear these silver colour with black autobot cufflinks. The Optimus Prime (your boss) may just compliment you for such unique cufflinks.

So if your friend is a diehard fan of transformers, don't think twice before gifting these cufflinks to him. His only complaint with these Autobot cufflinks will be - Hey where is Megan Fox?