PACKNBUY Drinking Glass Beer Water Juice UPSIDE down Bottle

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BOTTOMs Up !! Or straight down... This beer glass is a uniquely designed alternative to your boring pot-glass.

MATERIAL & SIZE - Hand blown, durable borosilicate long neck glass. 350ml capacity and is 17cm high. Hand wash only. Made from glass for the authentic look and feel.

INSULATED DOUBLE WALLED design prevents condensation and keeps your beverage colder and for longer than traditional drinking glass.

PERFECT to pour your beer in when its too 'rude' to drink out of the bottle. This way, you're getting the best of both worlds! If you're tired of the uncivilized method of swigging your beer straight from the bottle, then the Upside Down Bottle glass from PackNBUY provides a simple alternative to help wean you off your bottle habits!

Have All your Drinks Upside Down with our Awesome "Upside Down Beer Bottle Glass". Get everyone's eyes rolling and the giggles going with this fun filled upside down beer glass in a regular glass.