Whiteboard Wall Sticker Removable Vinyl Sticker Decal with One Free Pen

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Removable Home Office Whiteboard Sticker (45cm x 200cm) 
It is an easiest way to turn any flat surface into a chalkboard. 
With this useful tool, students can practice daily schedule and assignments at home. 
Office workers can record important work agenda to remind themselves everyday. 
Artists can draw or write anything on chalkboard whenever they have inspiration. 
It's also completely self-adhesive so you can rest assured you'll be able to remove it at the end of the school year. 
How to use: 
1. Trim films to required size 
2. Peel off the backing film 
3. Stick to desired surface 
4. Squeeze away air bubbles 
5. Use a soft cloth to clean the chalkboard without any trace 
6. Easy to remove the chalkboard 
Remarks for Application: 
This Chalkboard Stickers work best on smooth surface, flat surfaces. DON'T apply to ROUGH and UNEVEN wall surface. 
Please kindly know it doesn't work well on walls with emulsion varnish such as (wooden wall or wall made of bricks) for the specialty of this product. But it does work well on smooth and flat wall of tiles or refrigerator or window. The sticker is with strong glue itself, if remove the sticker, may leave some trace on your wall, please be careful. 
If you are questioning the suitability of a surface, test by applying a small decal to an inconspicuous part of the desired surface and leave for a few days before peeling off. 
If you are applying to newly painted walls, please allow them to fully dry before using the stickers.

Chalkboard benefits: For kids: school, homework, art, drawing, Pictionary, studying. Teachers: teaching, tutoring. Home: decorate your rooms. Get creative and apply them to furniture, such as refrigerator, table, kitchen cabinets, etc.