Wine Aerator Aerating Pourer Decanter And OPENER

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Includes a Metal WINE BOTTLE OPENER Also !!

This PackNBUY Wine Aerating Pourer does not sit over your wine glass. Instead, it fits snuggly over the wine bottle itself, providing you with hand-free aerating and drip-free pouring. 
Simply press the aerator over the bottle, making sure that it's snug, and then start pouring.
Wine Aerating Pourer pulls twice the vacuum as the leading aerators to more fully oxygenate your wine, unlocking premium flavours and aromas.
In fact, our aerator instantly adds the same amount of air as 30 minutes in a traditional decanter.
Simply make sure that the wine is poured at a steep angle to facilitate the aeration. 
This aerator pourer is also easy to clean, simply hand-wash with warm water and let dry.
Wine Aerator Features:
- FDA Approved & BPA Free 
- Wine aerator made of acrylic material which is strong and durable 
- Rubber stopper that prevents the wine from dripping 
- Unique packaging that makes this wine aerator the perfect gift at an affordable price 
Wine Aerator Benefits:
- Makes low cost wine taste like expensive wines. 
- Instantly aerates and oxidizes red, white, and rose wines 
- Strong durable finish allows for multiples uses for a very long time
- Reduce drips and pour more accurately with each pour. 
- Beautiful yet simple packaging is the perfect gift for family and friends. 
This innovative tool takes all the guesswork out of serving wine, plus it eliminates the embarrassing spills, drips and splashes that can happen when pouring directly from the bottle.